7-7-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

July 7th 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Quorum Achieved

Stephen Lindsey, Gabe Farley, Nick Farley, Mary Stone, Wanda Stone, Dylan Miner

Stephen calls the board to order at: 4:38pm

Major Key Points: Employee Duties (Hourly Cleaning), Makers Market Update (Committee), WOODSHOP!?,

  • Clean up after selves! You work here so clean like it! Also cleaning list! Station Organization! Maintain ALL stations, not just the main areas. Maybe it's time to have “directors” to help keep up with cleaning and station maintenance. Let keep a better eye on our problem areas. Problem: Cleaning and Organizing Stations and Snack Areas Solution: Personal post it board for just our board! This will be separate and PRIORITIZED with written names and dates on each note! Daily kind of basis not long term. Just to dos and notes, not ‘in progress’ or ‘done’.

  • Makers Market update, ads and logo is getting finished. After today, stuff is going out, so yay! Mary and Charmeine I guess are the leads. Nick and Wanda want to be on the committee. Contact Mary for info.

  • Policies and Norms - need to be DONE! Call them “Codes of Conduct”: Add to wiki. Incorporate with policies. Send Gabe any information pertaining to these. Also any wiki.


  • Join It Memberships 5% discount for 6 months and 10% for 1 year. Non renewing memberships should not exist. They will all be recurring and we brief our members to cancel their own memberships. THEY say when they would like to cancel membership.

  • Contact Patrick about his non voting membership

  • Orientation Binder is shared, Everyone have at! We should do a physical walk through

  • Volunteer Board! Tasks should be listed

  • Wood Working Room - Working with Stu on new Lease. Committee - Josh?s? Heading it up? Waiting on the lease and the people.

  • Stephen will take on classes (program planning) and Gabe will take on the wood shop committee. Nick or Wanda -volunteer master?

  • Hoping to get 3 interns from Aldo! Even other interns from the college? Less limited time


Meeting Adjourned by Stephen Lindsey 5:48pm

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