3D Printing and Electronics Room

This is our room for all things 3D Printing and Electronic construction/repair.
In this room currently we have: A desktop computer with all the various software for 3D printing and modeling, x2 Prusa Mk3s, an Ender 3, a Cr-10 S5, various storage areas for 3D printing parts and supplies. and several boxes and shelf space for 3D printer filaments!

Electronic Building/Repair in this area:

  • x2 Weller Soldering stations
  • Helping hands
  • wire cutters, flush cutters, snippers, etc.
  • Various voltmeters
  • Magnification lamps
  • Screwdrivers and precision bits
  • Variable Power Supplies
  • Tektronix Oscilloscopes
  • Hot Air Rework Station