Miter Saw

Safety Level: Red

Tool Description:

The miter saw is used for accurate cross-cutting wood stock with a maximum width of about 10" and a maximum thickness of about 2.5". The name refers to a very useful feature, (cross) cutting accurate angles (30-150 degrees) or miters across a board by adjusting the angle of the blade with regards to the saws fence. The miter can also cut bevels up to 45 degrees, but adjusting the tilt of the blade. When simultaneously cutting both a miter and bevel cut it is called a combination cut. The miter saw is useful for cutting long pieces of stock, (crown or floor) molding, and picture frames.

Tutorials & Training Materials:

Miter Saw Safety & Use video (8 min)


10" Hitachi Miter Saw

Extra Information:


Basic Miter Saw Safety & Use Quiz

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