Prusa MK3s

Currently we have x2 Prusa MK3s's. Both of them are very powerful machines.

Official Documentation is located HERE.

How to use them!

In order to use a 3D printer you need some software, at the makerspace we have a few computer with this software on it.

The software is called PrusaSlicer and can be downloaded for free HERE.

The process to get 3d printing is to get a 3d model file of some sort. Either by downloading or creating your own. Huge databases of 3d files exist and are worth checking out. Thingiverse is a place to start!

The next step is to load up the model file in PrusaSlicer and "Slice" it. This turns the 3d model into mechanical movement commands that the 3d printer will make in order to make this digital file a physical object.

The program then will allow you save the new file it has generated. Put it on an SD Card and plug it into the side of the LCD screen on the Prusa and turn it on and click print from SD card! It should start after it finishes heating up and you should be good to go!

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