Wood Shop

No Trace Left Behind - Please plan in advance to clean up after you finish and return tools from whence they came. Thanks!

Tutorials & Training Materials:

Review the FF Safety Guidelines

Shop Safety & PPE video (10min)

Shop Safety & Good Etiquette video (15min)

Wood Shop Procedures

We are currently working to get the wood shop in better order for member use as well as working towards getting the required storage space and equipment to utilize the wood shop space safely! If you are interested in assisting with what day-to-day use will look like in the woodshop, please contact us on the Slack #woodshop.

We will be announcing detailed overview of safety policies and procedures for the Wood Shop. Safety Certifications at the Future Forge are designed to ensure that you know the basics to work safely within the shop of your choice. These classes are a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on learning. Please stay tuned on how to register in advance for Safety Certifications.

NOTE: you must be a member in good standing to take Safety Certification classes.

Extra Information:

The dust collection system should be used when possible to keep the air quality in the wood shop good, it helps remove large dust particles from the air.


Shop Safety & Etiquette

If you have any questions or requests for this space email gabefarley@thefutureforge.org or stephenlindsey@thefutureforge.org or tomfarley@thefutureforge.org

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