8-18-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

August 18th 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Quorum Achieved

Stephen Lindsey, Gabe Farley, Nick Farley, Mary Stone, Wanda Stone

Stephen calls the board to order at: 3:50pm

Major Key Points: Makers Market, Interns, Personal Schedules, Financial Reports

Makers Market

  • Going to make a deposit soon, flyers were made! Full for Aug 22nd! Good to go!


  • 4 Interns! 3 from Aldo (Fridays) and 1 from Western (Wednesday Anna Gomez)

  • Come up with stuff for them to do! Move sewing station, cleaning checklist, and other big projects!

Personal Schedules

  • Everyone does their best to get together their personal schedules to renegotiate FF sched.

  • New schedule up and written

Nick left 4:10pm

Financial Reports

  • Hopefully pull some stuff together to present for next week

We are in a very transitional period, schedules are changing, interns are coming in, we will reconvene next month to work further on business. A lot is going to happen soon so stay tuned!

Meeting Adjourned by Stephen 4:20pm

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