2-11-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

5:20pm at Future Forge Makerspace

Recorded By Mary Stone

Attendance - Stephen Lindsey, Gabe Farley, Mary Stone, and Nick Farley

*Quorum Achieved

Notices Received

Key Points:

  • Swearing in Officers for Committees

-Program Planning: Stephen Lindsey, Committee Leader

-Volunteering: Nick Farley, Committee Leader

-Community Outreach: Mary Stone, Committee Leader

-Facility Coordinator: Gabe Farley (NonAdvertised Committee)

  • Nick Farley - Nominated for an At Large Board Member Position

Motion Has Passed, Nick Farley is Officially a Board Member of Future Forge Inc.

  • Develop a Volunteer Application Process

  • Stephen, Contact Michael Accountant for Filing LLC Taxes 2019

  • File Receipts for ANYTHING donated to the Forge at ALL then leave for secretary to file

  • Go Over Policies to attach to registration forms

  • Board Binders to be developed

  • MSDS BINDER and Biohazard Cabinet

  • Board Insurance, research more is it necessary or can we go without?

  • Member and Tool Sign In Sheets for now are approved

  • Safety Orientations will be done by ear until memberships begin to flood in

  • Monthly Member Meetings, First Friday Of Every Month

  • Keeping Eyes Out For New Board Members

Stephen asks for any Last Remarks

Meeting is officially adjourned by Stephen at 5:47pm

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