6-2-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes - June 2nd 2020

11:50am at Future Forge Makerspace

Recorded by Mary Stone

Attendance Mary Stone, Gabe Farley, Stephen Lindsey, Nick Farley

Guests: Wanda Stone, Tom Farley

*quorum achieved

Key Points: Non Voting Board Members, Reopening Info Emails, Public Tours, Makers Market, Orientation, Volunteering, Key Fob System

  • Patrick - Non voting board member? Could we do that? We would have to update our bylaws to have an extra of 3 non voting board members (bringing the total up to 8) *we need to fill the 5th Spot and that should maybe be someone outside of our circle so to speak, someone with some resources and “power” so to speak (Dave, Zach??, Patrick?). Non voting board members is a good idea but it means they will be a resource and will provide helpful input still leaving it to our vote though. We should be thorough with our application for board members.

    • I think Wanda should be recognized, she has functioned as a full board member

    • Adjust bylaws to add up to 3 non voting board members (must be or have been a member?) and must be voted in - Patrick seems to be our first nominee

    • That would mean we need Board Insurance, lets get on that.

    • Create a list for him to do while volunteering

  • Reopening to Members? How will we be weaning members back in? We need to be very specific about member and “employee” requirements. Mass mail chimp message and personal members messages about how we will be actively functioning for the time being and have the website reflect this new information. This info needs to include tour days for the public (since we are member only currently) Saturdays.

  • Do free Eventbrite tours so we can schedule tours and walk throughs for the public (we don't want to do it like this but we kinda have to…) 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5 or 6 people per tour.

  • Side note - Aysh update, hes still working on it and needing some help, lets remember that.

  • Makers Market!! Farmers market will not be utilizing that awesome space so OH WELL guess we're gonna take it over!! Would be an awesome event, Visitors Center and Main Street are excited. We would be hosting this market, put together a committee to run it, get permits and events lined up and begin! (Could advertise to Western and other places for volunteers). Would be essentially the same as the farmers market, they would pay for a booth and that would pay for advertisement. Semi-regular even weekly occurrences, maybe seasonal. Even potentially becoming more often as members can develop and become more established. BIG Committee BIG Deal!! Directly tied to our Makerspace (obviously) people will use our space, we will have our name out there, we will be tied more into the community. It is somewhat competitive, skill wise, throughout our community. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    • Keep in mind a makers fair

  • Grants - Studio G? Country something? 30Something? Lots of summer grants are coming up! Get More. Use Freeport Money (spend it on classes)

  • Members with Key Fobs. they can stay before and after hours but need to go through a system or orientation, what would be the qualifiers for earning a fob (qualifiers to get a key fob= going through orientation binder, passing probationary period,?). 10-3 for classes and having the door unlocked (maybe Friday and Saturday 12-7).

  • Orientation - Create an orientation binder that will have every room and station's tool information. We need to ALL sit down and do it. Add a volunteering list of tasks to the orientation binder.

  • Volunteering Tasks for Orientation Binder? - Front desk, (does it go by room or by station, does it depend?)

  • Volunteering - Working front desk would mean that you get a free membership?

  • Gabe made a volunteering calendar, he needs us to put down in writing what times we will be available to work. Everyone's on Gabe’s google calendar and add your work availability.

Stephen: Motion to add 3 non voting members and amend our bylaws PASSED

Learning to make a member a key fob.

End Notes

  • Patrick as new non voting board member

  • Board insurance

  • Email to Public and Members about reopening info and tours

  • Markers Market Committee!!

  • 12-7 Fri. and Sat., 10-3 Tues.Wed.Thur.

  • Learn to do Key Fobs

  • Create Orientation Binder

  • Work Out Volunteering Orientation/Tasks

  • Add your available Hours to Google Calendar

    • Tues. Mary and Stephen 10-3

    • Wed. Stephen and Wanda 10-3

    • Thur. Gabe 10-3

    • Fri. Stephen and Nick 12-7

    • Sat. Mary and Stephen 12-7

Stephen Lindsey Adjourned Meeting at 1:21pm

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