Router Table

Safety Level: Red

Tool Description:

It is important to know the proper direction to feed the piece being routed; the piece should be fed into the cutting edge of the router bit, the table router bit rotates counter-clockwise.

Router Tables can be used for a couple different ways:

  1. A fence is used, with the router bit partially emerging from the fence. The workpiece is then moved against the fence, and the exposed portion of the router bit removes material from the workpiece.

  2. No fence is used. A template is affixed to the workpiece, and a router bit with a ball bearing guide is used. The ball bearing guide bears against the template, and the router bit removes material from the workpiece so as to make the workpiece the same shape as the template.

Tutorials & Training Materials:

Router Table Safety & Use video (10 min)


No manual available

Extra Information:


Basic Router Table Safety & Use Quiz

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