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3-10-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
Quarum Achieved
Stephen Lindsey, Gabe Farley, Nick Farley, Mary Stone, Wanda Stone
Stephen calls the board to order at 5:45pm
Major Key Points: Each of Our Roles, Financials, Classes, Sponsorships
Stephen: we need to uphold our roles as board members and really take them on.
Gabe: We need to have more classes, 3D printing and laser cutting should be offered consistently
Classes, are they too often or not often enough.
Nick: Maybe doing 101, 102, then 103 and cycling through
Stephen: <maybe split classes into two separate classes, maybe theory then hands on. People like to walk away with something from the class, 3D printing is harder to do but maybe laser cut something? Lapidary they could walk away with something so people felt more involved. We are seeing a rise in people's interest in teaching classes and workshops. 3 classes scheduled this month using online form. Pretty cool.
Nick left to check door. 5:52
Gabe: would Stephen be interested in doing 3D printing classes consistently? 101 and 102
Stephen: maybe do alternating 3D printing and Laser Cutting classes
Gabe: People are interested in 102 3D printing. Smaller class but finer detail, maybe even teach together (Stephen and Gabe)
Stephen: good idea
Gabe: sneezes 5:54, we need a welding instructor
Stephen: start calling on all our metal shop working members to help get it together. So many half done stations.
Gabe: need people that are competent and can handle taking on a station. Gets hung up on calling people
Stephen: can call people to help develop stations
Gabe left to find Nick 5:56
Nick and Gabe are back 5:58
Gabe: volunteer thing, we need to get people into the metal area.
Stephen: Develop stations
*call some people to get stations together (specifically metal)
Wanda: so who's calling people?
Stephen: will call people, (mary) will too
Gabe: gonna set up a time to meet these people we call
Stephen: volunteers
Nick: how can we count up their hours and duties.
Stephen: Who will make a schedule for volunteers?
Nick: He's the volunteer guy
Stephen: maybe there will be a card that you sign to add up hours to distinguish how many hours are being used
Gabe: we should meet with Steve Eike? Recurring classes need to happen. Alternating 3D 101 and Laser 101 then every other week 102s?
Stephen: Need a backlog on the calendar, so we can start LOOKING AHEAD. Alternate classes sometimes in the morning sometimes in the evenings, alternate days. Gabe come up with days and times that are good for you and Stephen will come up with his own as well. Get it going ASAP. Take examples from the Bodgery
Gabe: Monthly Member Meetings and Open Houses need to be recurring as well.
Stephen: Maybe just do open nights, monthly weekend night? 4-7pm. Using more examples from the Bodgery.
Nick: This is where those employee identification type stuff comes in.
*3rd Friday of Every Month 5-7pm Open Nights
*1st Friday of Every Month - Monthly Member Meetings 5 or 6-7pm
Stephen: Teach Mary to upload to Wiki.
Gabe likes having a secretary.
Nick: we should do a members market
Gabe: we need to get our shit together first before that
Nick: I think it would help, it pulls people in
Wanda: Its like opening a restaurant then opening a food cart
Stephen: maybe during open nights, people could set up tables and show their skills
Gabe: we should develop stronger first then let it snowball
Stephen: demonstrations will lead up to a market type style, we will incorporate
Gabe: much more do-able, starting a small scale will be less detrimental.
*Establishing an agenda, MMM, Open Nights, Recurring Classes, Member Led Classes
Stephen: Nina and Ken wanting to do their class $30 per person Saturday, Marci is going to do Kaleidoscope Class,
Nick: how far in advance can we set up classes.
Stephen: backlogging would be huge, we need to have more time
*Messages will now be sent out bi-weekly, people should be constantly checking and having a backlog will keep people looking into our events
*Weekly or more often then that Instagram/Facebook posts. Be consistent with posts.
*Photo consent? We could add that to our registration forms.
Sponsorships, do away with them completely
Gabe: replace with starving artist thing? Still pay a little and the rest is pitched for them. Reduce a membership rate and call it a scholarship.
Stephen: still paying something. In the past, people abused those sponsorships. Have a very thorough screening process.
*Who and how will this be decided. There has to be a want.
Stephen: Volunteer hour discount
Nick: Slots for volunteers. It should be limited to give us a reason to decline people. Factoring in diversity
Gabe: reduced rates - family, volunteer, scholarship
*It comes to time logged for the space and spent doing projects.
Gabe: is the volunteer time worth the money for us? If there time is being paid for, why are they putting in extra time at work.
*3 Scholarships are PARTIALLY funded. write a short reason why we should consider you. Don't need volunteer hours but are required to log MAKING hours.
*Involved Volunteer Memberships - lanyard, can check off tools for others, required amount of hours, must go through training orientation for tools. 8hrs a month.
*Non Involved “Simple” Volunteers, no ability to enable others, non-administrative
Nick: We can include this into the criteria needed. Time spent, community driven, etc
Stephen: Sponsors want to know who they are sponsoring.
*Money simply put is 1. Membership money 2. Donation, scholarship, sponsorship Pool 3. Material Donation
Nick Stephen and Gabe went to investigate a noise 6:45 - Back at 6:47
Gabe will determine where money is pooled. We can have the membership ...
The rock saw was on. Investigation complete. Mission success. 6:48pm
*$20 a month for scholarships, $0 for volunteers
We all really like the essay idea for scholarships. Maybe volunteers too. It shows drive, effort, focus, etc. Shows that they can do them and won't need us to shadow or guide. Conduct interviews.
Mary: Gabe be ready on join it for these types of memberships.
*we are coming together on a consensus on the details of volunteering and scholarships. Maybe everyone can start as “Simple” volunteers and can eventually move up because then the orientation and administration can come gradually and you can graduate into either an involved volunteer to a scholarship. We need to keep the
*We will probably be more inclined to “pitch” for youth.
Stephen: Non Profit stuff is good. Still waiting on CRS to register with city and bank account stuff. Need to turn in 990 for this year. Joe will be in town next Thursday for Attorney General information.
Gabe: Woodshop, Stu wants it clean and reorganized
Stephen: Now is the time to dedicate time towards moving everything we own out of the wood shop. We are not renting that space, so we shouldn't be using it. Committees! Wood shop committee (temporary) to clean and set up. Make an announcement to meet up
Gabe: Grants. Freeport is progressing. Town and Country has been submitted wont hear back until Mid April. 30 Something Grant, we need to finish the application and get it submitted.
*Lets get that wood shop going and we can utilize this project towards Katz's Grant. Could be Awesome.
Gabe: Looking into another Laser Cutter.
Any last details?
Nick: Lapidary saw?
Stephen: it needs a motor
Nick: it would be nice to have 2 of everything so two members can work on the same station at once.
Meeting Adjourned 7:24