Future Forge Policies for Operation

Member access to space:

Once a person becomes a member of the space, you have access to the entire main room and smaller side rooms that currently make up the Forge boundaries. New Members can access these spaces during the hours of operation at the Forge, you can find those hours HERE.

24/7 Key card access:

Members are entitled to 24/7 access to the forge via RFID keyfob/keycard once they pass these requirements:
  1. 1.
    Be an active member for at least one month. You must be coming in and using the space regularly enough so that officers and other members can see how you work. You cannot just sign up to become a member, never come by, and expect to receive 24/7 access after a month.
  2. 2.
    Follow all the guidelines as outlined by our Procedures, Policies, and Code of Conduct. If you are a new member and failing to follow some of these guidelines, we will not give you more access until this can be rectified or your membership is ended.

No Trace Left Behind:

As members of the Future Forge, it is our responsibility/obligation to create an ethos to keep each of the work areas safe, orderly, and as clean as possible.
When you are planning to work on a project always include time for returning tools & equipment that were used to their proper storage location and to clean up any debris from your work on your project.

Tool Access Color System:

As a member of the Future Forge, there are all kinds of tools and equipment available to you. In order to utilize it safely and securely, we have a color coding system for each tool's danger and complication levels. Always return the tool to it's proper location, if you are not certain of the proper location ask the FF staff.

Green Tools:

This include things like, hammers, screwdrivers, drills, soldering irons.
Green level is the safest and just required use of common sense and following safety guidelines, if you are unfamiliar of anything, just ask around!

Yellow Tools:

This include most things that plug in an electrical outlet, like sewing machines, saws, drill presses.
Yellow level is an intermediary level in terms of potential dangers or complicated design. If you are a member and know how to use a particular yellow tool, please check in with an officer of a member already checked off on that particular tool to show them that you know what you're doing.
If you have never used this tool before, find someone who is available to teach you, and they can check you off.

Red tools:

This includes machines like 3D Printers, Vinyl Cutters, Laser Cutters, Welders, Woodworking machines.
Red level is a more advanced level and can be either very complicated or dangerous. if you are a member and know how to use a particular red tool, check in with an officer or an already approved member and show that you know how to use this tool in a pretty comprehensive way.
If you have never used this tool before and would like to be trained in it. Either refer to available upcoming classes on it or visit our Tool Check-Off page and go through the steps of contacting a trainer to setup a time to learn the tool and become oriented in it!