K40 Laser Cutter

Safety Level: Red - get trained before using!

Tool Description:

It is a 40w C02 Laser, with a cutting size of 325mm by 220mm (12.7" x 8.6") We have a dedicated computer to the side running the specific software for it!

The software we like to use to run the laser is called K40 Whisperer, it's a great piece of free, open source software that expands the ability of this laser. It can take in inputs of both DXF and SVG file types. We recommend learning the program Inkscape, as the SVG files it can generate work seamlessly with K40 Whisperer.

Extra information:

Software Guide:

On the control computer open up K40 Whisperer. Making sure that the laser is also turned on, click initialize laser in the top left corner.

Once initialized, you can open your premade file up and load it into the laser. Making sure that the file you have is correctly color coded: Red lines = Vector CUT Blue lines = Vector Engrave Black and White images or lines = Raster Engrave

"Vector" means that the laser will follow that line directly, "Raster" means the laser will move back and forth similar to how a paper printer works.

On the program, each laser operation has it's own button and will run that operation separately. We recommend you start with Raster engrave, move to vector engrave and finish with Vector Cut!


K40 Whisperer Software Manual

Inkscape Manual